The Aqua Power Vitalisation Card is made to harmonise and energise. Through the Flower of Life and the additionally framing words of energy, it produces a harmonising - oscillating – high-level energy field.



Areas of application:


*             Energising beverages and food dishes

*             Stimulating the powers of self-healing

*             Energising human energy flows

*             Harmonising the chakras

*             Dissolving blockages of energy

*             For insomnia: place the card beneath your pillow


The Aqua Power Vitalisation Card comes in a handy credit card format and can thus be easily carried in your wallet or purse. That way, you always have the card along in order to energise water or similar things.


The Flower of Life is printed on the card’s front in a high-quality foil embossing and is surrounded by words of energy. The Flower of Life has been used as a symbol of power for centuries to promote order and boost harmony and vitality. The Flower of Life’s holy geometry is a wonderful enhancement for every person.


On the back of the card, numerous further words of energy are listed. Space has been provided in the centre – here you can individually customise the card with your name or a personal word of energy.