Interference zones

What radiation upsets our balance?

Precipitation that seeps through the soil, accumulating to form, depending the nature of the strata, underground rivers and streams. These are referred to as water veins. Energy is released due to friction generated by the rocks that can be detected by dowsers.

The earth's rock strata are energised through the rotation of the earth. Microcurrents are created through the friction that arises along the fault lines or bedrock disruptions.

Similar to the situation to be found in bedrock disruptions, mineral strata also rub against one another in the case of faults, which are created through the layers of earth that roll over one another. This leads to radiation.

In the same way as latitude and longitude, the Hartmann grid pulls across the globe and forms a natural geomagnetic network. The Curry grid runs in an angle of 45 degrees – increased interference values occur at the crossing points.

Electromagnetic interference zones by means of high voltage power lines, radio and radio mobile waves and house electric smog are omnipresent today.

Terrestrial radiation and electric smog as possible ca use of many diseases

The professional literature on the subject associates terrestrial radation with the following disorders:

Interference zones

How can radiation be measured and minimised?

Ancient wisdom teaches us how interference effects of earth radiation or water veins can be determined by means of rod and pendulum. Interference intensity is thereby estimated in interference units. Values of over 900 interference units can have cell changing effects and be the cause of many disease patterns. On the other hand, experience has shown that a range of 400 to 700 interference units can have a soothing and harmonious effect.

Conscious space planning and harmonious designs can reduce the existing interference intensity. The ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek master builders already knew this and took it into consideration in construction. Even holistic teachings such as Vastu or Feng Shui have as their goal to enable living in harmony with the laws of nature. Here as well proper construction and interior design play an important role.