Vita Tronic

Harmonious Balance in an electro-technical environment as well as with terrestrial radiation and water veins

Vita Tronic vibrates in a frequency that is related to the earth's magnetic field inresonance (multi-vital frequency). It ensures a physically measurable balance of the static and ultra-low-frequency magnetic field. Thus, the interference intensity in houses, apartments and workplaces can be reduced and a pleasant and harmonious living environment created.

The basis for the design of the Vita Tronic resonator is a hexagonal shape. Examples of these are commonly found in nature in honeycombs, snowflakes or water molecules. Even the symbol of the flower of life is based on hexagonal geometry and has represented power and order, harmony and joie de vivre for centuries.
The sacred geometry of the flower of life is impressed into the resonator of the Vita Tronic and is a wonderful improvement for all living spaces.

The ideal location for the Vita Tronic is a dry room where the vita Tronic is permanently placed and can swing freely on a stable surface. The flower of life is clearly visible and pointing upwards. The Vita Tronic is connected to the electric circuit; the proximity of electrical equipment such as computers, televisions, fuse boxes, pumps, satellite equipment and the like should be avoided for optimal functionality of the Vita Tronic.

Radiation influence without Vita Tronic

Earth rays and electric smog as a ca use of disease?

Different sources of interference lead to increased interference values in living and working areas. Values above 900 interference units can change cells and affect quality of life.

Radiation influence with Vita Tronic

A low-interference environment in living and wor king environments

Vita Tronic can lower interference intensity in houses, flats and in the workplace to400-700 interference units, a range perceived as pleasant.

Unique and valuable

Special features of Vita Tronic

The hexagonal Vita Tronic resonator is made of high-quality ceramics. Manufacturing is done by hand - each copy is unique. Vita Tronic is available in different colours, so you can select an appropriate colour depending on your taste and interior style. In addition to its harmonising effect Vita Tronic upgrades every living space optically though its shiny ceramic surface with the embossed flower of life.

All production steps in the manufacture of Vita Tronic will take place in Austria. A high-quality end product is guaranteed during each step of production, from the production of the ceramic container to the assembly of electronics.

The power of Vita Tronic can be adapted to the size of the available space and can be set to a DC power supply of 3.0 V; 4.5 V; 6.0 V; Set 7.5 V up to 9.0 V DC.

Besides the standard blue version, Vita Tronic is available in other colours upon request: