Expert opinion of IIREC


The International Institute for Electromagnetic Compatibility Research (IIREC) tested the effect of the Vita Tronic device unit in a detailed four-week series of tests. The tests were carried out at 15 test points, with evaluation of a total of about 8,500 individual data that were selected in the premises of a two-story office building and in its vicinity. They were up to 43 m away from the VitaTronic. Through the selection of the test points various geological and technical situations were recorded.

The effect was determined through purely physical means by measuring the flux density of the static and ultra-low-frequency magnetic field. This area is particularly
pronounced in the natural magnetic field and biologically very relevant.
For the detection of the spatial structure of the magnetic field the field coherence patterns (FKM) measurement method developed by the IIREC was applied. For objective determination of interference points and zones as well as their interference intensity the IIREC Field Gradient Divergence (FGD) process was used.

The measurements showed that on all 15 points the spatial structure of the magnetic field was more balanced. Interference points and zones were weakened or even disbanded. Although naturally not all field disturbances were eliminated by technical devices, the general consensus of the field changes at all measurement points was a convincing magnetic balancing effect of Vita Tronic technology in the context of natural and technical radiation.

Dr. Walter Medinger