The following advantages have been observed using the Aqua Power Joint:

  • Your water will be energetically more valuable, more vital and kinder to your skin, while minerals are preserved.
  • Improvement in taste of food and drink prepared with vitalised water. They are far milder and more digestible, washed fruit and vegetables stay fresher longer.
  • Scientific and medical studies demonstrate the positive benefits on the entire organism. Increased sense of wellbeing.
  • Chalk buildup is reduced and is easier to remove (lower repair costs, less washing and cleaning material due to higher dissolving capacity).
  • Clearer and longer-lasting water in pools, biotopes and fish ponds: Savings on chemicals, less algae buildup, better survival
    for fish and improved reproduction rates.

Quick and easy to install

Your Aqua Power Joint createsa permanent energy
whirl by combining magnetisms, which realigns water molecules. For this reason, maintenance and chemical additives are unnecessary.

Bend the wires of your Aqua Power Joint upwards.
Caution: Do not pull! Your device could be damaged. Do not use pliers or similar
tools to affix.

Tighten your Aqua Power Joint locker rmly under the water pipe. The effect begins immediately on installation.