Aqua Power Chalk Magnet

The Aqua Power Chalk Magnet acts by a special arrangement of high-performance permanent magnets on the water flowing through the pipe. The result is the transformation of calcium crystals in the water. That is to say, the hard limestone in the water is restructured by the Aqua Power Chalk Magnet, so that the lime no longer builds up aggressively on the pipes, fittings and surfaces.

The built-in permanent magnet cells of the Aqua Power Chalk Magnet are also protected against corrosion, by a double procedure.  For this reason, we also give a performance warranty of 25 years.  The active substance of the permanent-magnet cell consists of one of the strongest magnetic substances ever!

Using Aqua Power Chalk Magnet, the minerals remain in the water.  However, the lime can be removed more easily, since it has a different structure (aragonite)

The use of the Aqua Power Chalk Magnet offers the following benefits:

  • new limescale buildup is reduced, or easier to remove
  • cost savings due to less cleaning agents
  • can be fitted on all types of pipes
  • no maintenance costs
  • simple assembly without opening pipes
  • no energy costs
  • functions without adding chemicals
  • made from 100% environmentally friendly materials
  • 25 year performance warranty
  • Handmade in Austria