Excerpts from some studies and reports

The Aqua Power Joint was tested in Austria by doctors and universities and its functioning found to be highly successful!

Ecology Bureau Graz - investigation in the environmental
field under the biologist Dr. Romana Ull

Changes tested in vivo on the human body through the use of water activated by “Aqua Power Joint” demonstrate for the chosen measurement method a significant improvement in the energy balance of the meridians, allowing the conclusion that a contribution has been made towards a general improvement of bodily state of the people tested.

The graph demonstrates the exemplary meridian state of the test subjects (from a wide test series).

Average values for 800 people in meridian diagnosis by Dr. Voll
Red: Measurement value after consuming normal water
Blue: Measurement value after consuming the vitalised Aqua Power Joint water

Med. univ. Dr. Wolfgang R. Auer, doctor of the environmental, legally certified expert

1. Report from 7th January 2000
2. Report from 4th November 2000

Report analysis: From an environmental and bacteriological standpoint, no objections to the installation of the Aqua Power Joint have been demonstrated. Moreover, from the perspective of alternative and complimentary medicine, the Aqua Power Joint water vitaliser is to be positively valued and recommended. Positive effects on the organism, especially on the immune system, are significantly recognisable.

Franz Pirker, energetics practitioner

ETAScan is a bio-energetic collection system which allows the body to be quickly measured in terms of energy, from head to toe. The ETAScan energy balance system powerfully demonstrates the effects of water vitalised by the Aqua Power Joint on the organism.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Leitgeb, University for Ground Culture of Vienna (BOKU), Institute for natural science/ Department of Animal Nutrition

Report analysis: The conclusion can be drawn from the results that the Aqua Power Joint has improved return on capital for chicken feed, through a positive in uence on feed expenses and slaughter percentage. Furthermore, water treated with Aqua Power Joint should have a positive in uence on the heart stress of the animals. The difference between the heart weight of the control and test group was highly significant.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Knaus, University for Ground Culture in Vienna (BOKU), Institute for farm animal science

Report analysis: Through the use of the water vitaliser, significantly fewer broiler parent birds (hens) failed. The results of the practical study allows the conclusion that the uptake of vitalised water had a positive effect.

Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Helmut Guttenberger, Institute for Plant Physiology, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz

Diploma thesis “Anatomical and morphological effects of activate water on Vicia faba”, by Mag. Petra Stadler: From the results it can be seen that the seeds swell faster and more and later the plants have a higher fresh weight (=water) when they have been supplied with Aqua Power Joint vitalised water. Particularly signi cant were the di erences in root length, root weight, sprout weight and leaf span of the primary leaves and the length of the split opening.

Diploma thesis “Plant physiological investigations of Vicia faba on the effects of activated water”, by Mag. Birgit Leirouz: From a morphological point of view, there were clear differences. The treated plants showed a weight gain of the secondary roots and also of the sprout weight. These results were also statistically underpinned by a 5% level. A trend towards improved germination capacity and lower contamination from unidenti ed fungi of the Vicia faba seeds was noted. The dry weight of the secondary leaves of the activated plants was higher in comparison to the control plants.

0. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Karoline Jezik, University for Ground Culture, Vienna (BOKU) Institute for plant sciences and plant biotechnology

Partial report of the study- In uence of “energised water” on apple trees by Univ. Prof. Dip.Eng. Dr. Herbert Keppel and Univ. Asst. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Andreas Spornberge at individual tree yield, in the first test year there was a higher individual yield for all the three varieties studied, which is associated with a higher individual fruit weight, in the variety which had been watered with Aqua Power Joint. Regarding apple scab, it resulted that across the whole trial average the varieties energised with Aqua Power Joint showed the lowest values of apple scap, irrespective of variety.